Helping Heal Emotionally Traumatized Children

Make A Difference In A Child’s Life


Hope Flies works to give an effective recovery space for at-risk and emotionally traumatized children. We’ve developed nature-based programs, creative outlets, and therapeutic counseling services to promote life-long success.

Our supportive community promotes leadership building, relationship skills, education, and positive decisions. Together we will advocate for the success of these children and reduce the risk of poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, or criminal lifestyles.


Children Ages 0-6

Children Ages 7-12

Youth 13-18

Ages 18+

The Hope Flies project works by introducing children to an in-house retreat program with a focus on the healing strength of nature.

The programs incorporate holistic and traditional therapy styles, including animal, art, group, and individual counseling and treatment.

The children also participate in leadership exercises, social and community events, and daily tasks. All intended to promote confidence, responsibility, and positive decision making abilities.

Signs of Child Abuse In Children

The Tragic Connection Between Addiction and Child Abuse

According to the National Children’s Alliance, nearly 700,000 children are abused in the United States every year. Between one-third and two-thirds of these child maltreatment cases involve substance abuse, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.Even parents trying their best to provide a foundation of love and support can falter in the face of addiction. Many of these same adults may have been abused themselves as children, making this pattern of parenting deeply entrenched and difficult to stop, let alone recognize. This April is National Child Abuse Prevention month and is an opportunity for parents and the communities that support them to take a step back, reflect on the past and present, and work toward a better future for parents and children alike.

Child Abuse and Neglect Treatment

Treatment for child abuse and neglect helps children deal with the results of abusive behavior towards them. Child abuse and neglect can have both emotional and physical symptoms that each require their own kind of treatment. There main types of abuse include...

Signs of Abuse In Young Children

What Are the Signs of Child Abuse? When you think of child abuse, your first thought may be of a child with bruises or other marks that raise red flags. But the signs aren’t always so clear. Abuse can be physical, sexual, or emotional. Or a child may be...

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