About Us


Hope Flies works to give an effective recovery space for at-risk and emotionally traumatized children. We’ve developed nature-based programs, creative outlets, and therapeutic counselling services to promote life-long success. Our supportive community promotes leadership building, relationship skills, education, and positive decisions. Together we will advocate for the success of these children and reduce the risk of poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, or criminal lifestyles.


Hope Flies is a non-profit charitable organization, founded in 2020 by Amanda Roger. The agency was developed to provide special assistance to children and youth who suffer from emotional trauma and come from at-risk backgrounds, including involvement with Children’s Services, adoption agencies, group and foster homes, the Canadian legal system, and other children’s interest agencies.

The Hope Flies project works by introducing children to an in-house retreat program with a focus on the healing strength of nature. The programs incorporate holistic and traditional therapy styles, including animal, art, group, and individual counselling and treatment. The children also participate in leadership exercises, social and community events, and daily tasks. All intended to promote confidence, responsibility, and positive decision making abilities. These programs provide the foundation for intervention and recovery to help overcome the immediate challenges of trauma.

Hope Flies believes that a full recovery is achievable through ongoing support, so continued care is available into adulthood. We offer assistance with health education and financial planning, access to resources, and continued counselling. By offering these services we will help children develop the skills to become healthy successful  adults.

Hope Flies is financed entirely through sponsorships, donations, and government grants. All support goes directly to funding and maintaining our programs, facilities, and expenses. As the project is currently under development, now is a key time to become involved so we can start working together to make a difference!

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