Programs and Approaches

At Hope Flies we believe that a child’s overall health, development, and positive experiences are key to their recovery from emotional trauma. Our programs utilize an array of effective therapeutic approaches and workshops to promote education, life skills, and personal development. The inpatient programs generally run for 4 weeks, with the term based on the child’s level of need, availability, and consultation. Our outpatient programs are offered on a daily basis for children who cannot stay full time, and to adults who require ongoing support after aging-out of the camp.

Children entering our programs will be assigned to the age cluster that is most appropriate for them. Each group incorporates similar treatment options, but the types of activities and workshops provided are catered to their specific needs. It’s not all work though! Hope Flies is an outdoor based facility that includes many recreational activities, including canoeing, horseback riding, hiking, skiing, obstacle courses, and more to give a unique and memorable experience.

Please select an age cluster below for more information.

Ages 0 – 6

The 0 – 6 age group primarily utilizes creative therapy outlets, such as art, music, nature, and animals to support early-intervention approaches in early childhood. It can be especially difficult to obtain clinical diagnoses at a young age, so our program is designed to help children identify their feelings, encourage socialization, and introduce them to positive age-appropriate activities.

Ages 7 – 12

The 7 – 12 age group focuses on children as they transition in life towards pre-teens while experiencing the effects of emotional trauma. The programming offers creative therapy outlets such as art, music, nature, and animals as well as introductions to individual traditional therapy such as talk, EMDR, and behavioural approaches.

Most children in this cluster are in elementary school so our activities and programs are designed to follow their general shared experiences. At this stage of programming our workshops help children to identify more complex feelings, goal-setting, relationship building, and methods for coping with stress, anxiety, and fear.

Ages 13 – 18

The 13 – 18 age group is designed to assist youth who have been affected by emotional trauma as they go through their teen years. Being a teenager can be one of the most challenging times in a person’s life, and our programs are developed to identify their unique needs.

The youth will be exposed to creative therapeutic outlets such as art, music, nature, and animals as well as traditional treatments including group programs and individual talk, EMDR, and behavioural approaches.

Our development workshops for this age group focus on helping the youth successfully transition into adulthood with topics including positive decision making, confidence and leadership development, goal-setting, relationship building, communication styles, health and wellbeing, financial literacy, and methods for coping with stress, anxiety, and fear.

Ages 18+

Hope Flies offers services to adults who have transitioned out of children’s programs and may require additional support. We offer advanced day workshops to develop the life skills essential for success and independence including decision making, goal-setting, communication, health and wellbeing, financial literacy, and resourcing.

Adults may also access our therapeutic services to continue treatment for their emotional trauma providing consistency with therapists that they are familiar with and that understand their needs.

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